Creating, using, and interpreting graphs is a major part of the math curriculum. Here we have an introductory Smartboard Notebook lesson for pictographs and bar graphs. I would probably do this Notebook lesson over two math periods.

First, students are introduced to what graphing is. Then students take a closer look at pictographs and the different parts of pictographs. There are some interactive elements to allow students to answer questions about the pictographs and the parts of a pictograph. Finally, there are attached PDFs that will allow students to collect their own data and then graph it on a pictograph. The same sequence is used for bar graphs.

Pictographs and Bar Graphs

Discovery Education StreamingA note about this lesson (also detailed in the Lesson Notes page): The original version of this file had videos from Discovery Education Steaming ( that are have copyright. If you have access to DES you can easily download and add those video clips.

Here is how you do it:

  • Once logged in, search for Math All around Us: Graph Attack
  • Click the Video Segments Tab.
  • Download the following segments by clicking the small disk icon : What Is a Graph?, Bar Graphs: Comparing Three or More Things, and Pictographs: Using Symbols & Keys.
  • Link each segment to the correct picture. What is a Graph to the doggy door, Pictographs to the picture of the prairie dog on page 2 and Bar graphs to the pic of the elephant on page 6.

Worksheets for student use are attached on pages 3 and 7. Print out before lesson.

Graphing activity

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Let me know of any suggestions or corrections.