I like to look for fun and interactive ways to review concepts before a test. One of those ways was using a Jeopardy style game. There are several PowerPoint versions of Jeopardy games but I wanted one in Notebook linked to a Question (or an answer if you prefer to play strictly by the rules).


When I play this with my class, I have my students put a small Post-It note on the question that they select so we know which questions we have gone through. The Jeopardy Theme music is linked in the file.


There is also a worksheet that you can pass out to help keep kids who aren’t at the SmartBoard engaged attached to the Notebook fill out.To customize, just add your questions and answers on each slide.

Technical Information: The Jeopardy was created in Smart Notebook 9.7.46. Notebook versions older than 9.5 may not be able to
open this file correctly. To prevent download issues, I have zip compressed the file. To view the file on Windows, right
click on the compressed file and choose "Extract All..." Double click the resulting file to view.

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