Each year for the Geometry unit in math, my class makes a book with all the term for the unit. The book is easy to take home. I have created a template of the book in Notebook. The Notebook file also contains short video demos of how to draw the solid figures.

Geometry Book

Also included in the zip archive is an additional Notebook file that was designed to use with a CPS or other student response system. The file is a basic multiple choice review of all of the terminology. I have also added an attached bubble sheet if you do not have a student response system available to you. With CPS, I simply use the “Verbal Question” option to record the answers.

Geometry Review

Technical Information: These files was created in Smart Notebook 9.7.46. Notebook versions older than 9.5 may not be able to

open this file correctly. To prevent download issues, I have zip compressed the files. To view the file on Windows, right

click on the compressed file and choose "Extract All..." Double click the resulting file to view.

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