Deal or No Deal? What’s the likelihood that $1,000,000 will be in the case that you picked? This game will encourage students to think about probability in relationship to the popular game show Deal or No Deal. (You might want to watch a show online to brush up on your Howie Mandel impersonation).

This Notebook file includes the Theme Music, several versions of the Think Music, the Banker’s phone and the Deal Music, and No Deal Music built in.

Here is how to play:

  • Before choosing a case, students must make a “Probability Statement” using words like certain, likely, unlikely, and impossible. For example: “It is unlikely that briefcase number 15 has one million dollars.”
  • A student chooses and circles one case. This is the class case.
  • First round, students must choose 6 cases. X through cases and dollar amounts that have been selected.
  • The Banker (the teacher) makes an offer after 6 cases are opened. The students take the deal or reject the deal (no deal).
  • If no deal, move on to round 2 and the students must open 5 cases, making “Probability Statements.”
  • Banker makes another offer. Students must accept or not.
  • If no deal, students must choose 4 cases in round 3.
  • In round 4 students must choose 3 cases.
  • In round 5 students must choose 2 cases.
  • In round 6 and after, students must choose 1 case.
  • Play until a deal is taken or you get to the last case.
  • Check the student’s circled case to see how much was in it. Was it a good deal?

Use the music buttons at the top of the main game board to enhance the experience.

Deal or No Deal

There are two different games boards. You can create your own game by switching up the links on either of the two game boards.

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