The edTech Ninja is back in school. School started August 12. The Ninja always likes to do a getting to know you activity on the first day or week of school. This year, the little ninjas worked in pairs on a SmartBoard Notebook file that was designed to get students to share about themselves.

All About Us Slide

All About Us has students filling in answers to questions about some of their favorite things, or about their families. When finished, students can share their presentation with the teacher and the rest of the class. This activity not only functions as a get to know you activity, it is also a good activity to get students familiar with the Notebook Software without being overwhelming and it could also be an excellent activity to introduce students to using a computer lab.

Another slide from All About Us

On the Attachment tab, I have included the a PDF version of the file. If going to a computer lab, you can print out the PDF file before hand and have students fill out the needed infomation in the classroom and then moving to the lab. With the work already finished, students can focus on using the Notebook Software rather than coming up with the information on the spot.

This file can easily be modified so each student is creating his or her own file by simply removing the “Person 2” pages. This activity can also be easily adapted to other programs such as PowerPoint.

Technical Information: This file was created in Smart Notebook 10 SP 1. Notebook versions older than 9.5 may not be able to
open this file correctly. To prevent download issues, I have zip compressed the file. To view the file on Windows, right
click on the compressed file and choose "Extract All..." Double click the resulting file to view.

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