One of the Tech Ninja’s issues with Notebook 10 was the floating toolbar in both the Mac and Windows versions. I politely complained over at the Smart Exchange in the thread entitled Floating Tools Won’t Go Away. There has been much discussion and several suggestions on fixing the annoyance. The cool part is Smart actually listened to the Ninja. Recently Smart released Service Pack 1 for Notebook. One of the features in this new release is it allows you to choose which side of the screen you want the Floating Toolbar to appear. A huge boon for those of us Mac users who keep our Dock on the left side. In the Windows version, it even lets you choose if you want the toolbar to even start-up. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t make it into the Mac version because of time, but it is suggested that this option will appear in Service Pack 2. Kudos to Smart! Now my only issue is my computer doesn’t always remember which side of the screen I want my toolbar to be on.