Presidential Elections are coming up in the United States. Even among children there is high interest in this tradition that occurs every four years. This election will prove to be a historic one. For younger students, the way US Presidents are elected can be confusing. The Tech Ninja created this Notebook activity for his third grade students but it could be used or modified for other grades or age groups.

Jobs of the PresidentThe Notebook file covers:

  • When elections are held
  • Jobs of the President
  • Requirement to be President
  • The two major political parties
  • Primaries and Caucuses
  • Nominees for 2008
  • Vice Presidents
  • Campaigns
  • Voting Day
  • The Electoral College
  • Mock Elections
  • Election Online Resources


The hyper-cool interactive electoral college map on page 15 was created by the awesome ninjas over at TeqSmart. They have more from where that came from. They have Notebook files and gallery elements available for free and for pay over on their website: The Tech Ninja highly recommends them. Click here to check them out.

Technical Information: This file was created in Smart Notebook 10 SP 1. Notebook versions older than 9.5 may not be able to
open this file correctly. To prevent download issues, I have zip compressed the file. To view the file on Windows, right
click on the compressed file and choose "Extract All..." Double click the resulting file to view.

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