Who is the Tech Ninja?

It is best to not ask many questions about the Tech Ninja. He is a shadowy figure whose mission is to help teachers use technology in a practical and effective ways in the classroom. The Tech Ninja is a third grade teacher (his students think it is pretty cool to have a ninja for a teacher) and therefore most of the resources the ninja creates will be geared toward younger students.

The ninja’s secret lair (aka classroom) is a Technology Enhanced Classroom or T.E.C. There is one computer for every two students. The room is also equipped with a data projector and SmartBoard. Students also use student response systems from CPS in class. The Tech Ninja also uses his still digital camera and 3CCD digital video camera for projects in class. At school, the Tech Ninja uses PC computers but when at home he uses Macs, especially on multimedia projects.

In the Tech Ninja’s spare time, he is the Building Technology Coordinator for his school building. Responsibilities include troubleshooting technology in the building, creating and leading teacher technology trainings, serving on the district’s technology committee, maintaining building website, and coordinating schedules for the building computer lab. The Tech Ninja has also presented at regional technology conferences. He has been interviewed about technology and his education websites in Teacher Magazine, THE Journal, The New York Times, the local newspaper and there is a rumor that his website is referenced in a textbook.

What textbook series does the Tech Ninja use?

  • Math: Houghton Mifflin Math
  • Reading/Communication Arts: Houghton Mifflin Reading
  • English: Houghton Mifflin English
  • Science: Scott Foresman Science
  • Social Studies: Harcourt Horizons

What software does the Tech Ninja use?

The Ninja uses a variety of software to get the job done:

Can I submit my own resources to the Tech Ninja?

Ah, a fellow Tech Ninja huh? Sure, the Tech Ninja would love to host files and ideas from other Tech Ninjas. Send any files you would like to share to ninja [aht] edtechninja [doht] com where the [aht] is replaced with an @ and [doht] is replaced with . and it is all squished together. All materials released from the Tech Ninja are done so under a Creative Commons license. The Tech Ninja will not alter items submited to edtechninja.com unless it is a quick correction. Please make sure that all materials submitted are not protected by copyright. If your lesson or resource includes copyright protected you might include a note on how a user can obtain that copyrighted material. What is posted and what is not posted is totally up to the discretion of the Tech Ninja.

The notebook file I download is missing a movie or worksheet, what’s the deal?

Whoops! Actually this is probably because the original resource used copyrighted material that had to be removed. Hopefully instructions have been left on how to find the material. That, or a mistake has been made.