Welcome to ed-Tech Ninja. This website will hopefully become a place for sharing ideas and resource for teachers looking to use and integrate technology in the classroom.

Throughout the year, my job as a third grade teacher who strives to include technology into his curriculum, I create different resources that I can use year after year (if I remember that I created them). These resources are varied and include many of the curriculum areas and I happen to think that many of them are pretty good. Normally, I share them with my fellow teachers to use or ignore. Most of the time I get positive feedback. Many time I wonder if other teachers would find some of the things that I create useful. Now with ed-Tech Ninja, I have a place to share my creations with a wider audience. Everything here will be licensed under a Creative Commons license by the creator. This means you can use any resources created here as long as you give credit to the creator of the resource, use it in non-commercial ways, and that you can modify the work in any way as long and you freely share the resource with other teachers. If you would like to read more about Creative Commons especially as it pertains to eduction check out ccLearn and the Creative Commons Education portal.

I would also like to include resources from other teachers, including you. I will soon be posting on how to share your own recourses through ed-Tech Ninja.

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Media Convert

In an age of multiple formats for different types of media, it can get confusing even for a Tech Ninja. There's .wma, .wmv, .mp3, .mp4, .flv, .mov, .doc, .txt, .htm, and the list goes on. It always seems to be the case that the format that you need in isn't around....

Spelling City

Spelling City is a website that the Ninja's class has been using for quite a few months. Teachers can add their spelling lists and then students can play games or even take tests online. There are a few things that the Ninja would like to see, like the ability to link...

Deal or No Deal: Probability

Deal or No Deal? What's the likelihood that $1,000,000 will be in the case that you picked? This game will encourage students to think about probability in relationship to the popular game show Deal or No Deal. (You might want to watch a show online to brush up on...

Tall Tales

Throughout history people have told and written stories about their heroes. A tall tale is a special kind of hero story because the heroes of tall tales are "larger than life." They are bigger and stronger than real people, even when the tall tale is based on a real...


Another education focused website for sharing video is SchoolTube.com. SchoolTube seems to be geared more to student produced information and videos rather than the teacher. In the Ninja's humble opinion, SchoolTube is much more difficult to navigate and isn't as user...

Symbols of National Pride

There are many symbols of national pride. This SmartBoard Notebook file goes over several including The National Anthem, Uncle Sam and the Liberty Bell. There are several videos in this file from Discovery Streaming Education. If you have a subscription you will need...

Geometry Unit

Each year for the Geometry unit in math, my class makes a book with all the term for the unit. The book is easy to take home. I have created a template of the book in Notebook. The Notebook file also contains short video demos of how to draw the solid figures.

SmartBoard Lesson Podcast

The edTech Ninja is a very busy person even with his faster than light movements. Even though, the Ninja makes sure that he always catches up with the SmartBoard Lesson Podcast. This useful and entertaining podcast contains mountains of useful information for...

SmartBoard Notebook 10 Beta

New beta version of the Notebook software is out now. You can download it here. The new version includes some very cool new features including themes, tables, alignment guides, and a new magic pen. And that's not everything. This is of course is beta software which...

Telling Time

Here is an introductory lesson for telling time to the nearest hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour. In this lesson, students look at the clock cut into quarters to see when the quarters land. The lesson also discusses the different methods of saying and writing a time....

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