You can easily subscribe to ed-Tech Ninja in most modern browsers. Unlike a newspaper or magazine it doesn’t cost you one penny to subscribe to edTech Ninja. Using a technology called RSS you can easily receive the latest updates of ed-Tech Ninja to read at your convenience. Nothing clogging up your inbox just open your browser.

Subscribe using Firefox

Live Bookmark in Firefox

In Firefox, go to In the address bar you will see an orange RSS symbol. This means there is a feed that you can subscribe to. Click on the RSS symbol. You will find this at the top of the page that results:

Subscribe in Firefox

Simply click the “Subscribe Now” button.

Add to Bookmark Toolbar

Create in Bookmarks Toolbar Folder should be selected and click add.

In your bookmark toolbar there will be a new button for ed-Tech Ninja. Clicking on that button will show all the latest titles to new entries.

Live bookmark

This same process will work on any other website that has an RSS feed.