I started blogging back in 2002 and did so consistently until 2008. I remember hearing about blogging on a show called the ScreenSavers and thought it would be fun. It was a bit like the wild west back in the day. There was no easy way to create a blog… You had to have some web server space and have a knowledge (or be able to figure it out like I did) how to install a web app. Since I started blogging so early, I received some recognition as being a blogging teacher. I was interviewed for several publications about what blogging had to do with education.

Naturally, my personal blogging and the success I had with that made me try making my classroom website into a blog. Though the personal blog no longer exists the classroom one does. The public blog was used to help keep parents informed about what was going on in my third grade class and private blogs were used with students.

At some point I started edTech Ninja. The idea was it would be a place to share my love of technology being used to help transform education. I never really posted regularly here. I guess I was still burned out from the many years of blogging on my personal site, and besides there were so many more educators using blogs to reflect and share stuff than there were when I started blogging. I wasn’t convinced that there was anything that I could add. I realize that is coming at it from the wrong mindset, but it was my mindset none the less.

Next year, is a year of transitions for me. I am leaving the classroom and will be working with teachers on how they can utilize technology with their students. Instructional Technology Specialist is the official title. I am equal parts excited, scared and sad.

Everyday I find new levels of those emotions.

I’m going to miss this because it was one of the things that I love about being an educator…


(Okay, I’m not going to miss the field trips but you get the idea…)

But I’m going to love the new stuff too.

So I think this is a great time to make a return to blogging. A return to reflecting and sharing in a longer form than just 144 characters. We’ll see how it goes.