Welcome to ed-Tech Ninja. This website will hopefully become a place for sharing ideas and resource for teachers looking to use and integrate technology in the classroom.

Throughout the year, my job as a third grade teacher who strives to include technology into his curriculum, I create different resources that I can use year after year (if I remember that I created them). These resources are varied and include many of the curriculum areas and I happen to think that many of them are pretty good. Normally, I share them with my fellow teachers to use or ignore. Most of the time I get positive feedback. Many time I wonder if other teachers would find some of the things that I create useful. Now with ed-Tech Ninja, I have a place to share my creations with a wider audience. Everything here will be licensed under a Creative Commons license by the creator. This means you can use any resources created here as long as you give credit to the creator of the resource, use it in non-commercial ways, and that you can modify the work in any way as long and you freely share the resource with other teachers. If you would like to read more about Creative Commons especially as it pertains to eduction check out ccLearn and the Creative Commons Education portal.

I would also like to include resources from other teachers, including you. I will soon be posting on how to share your own recourses through ed-Tech Ninja.

Creative Commons License

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